Publication Ethics

Research Journal is committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct in scholarly publishing. This policy outlines the expectations for authors, reviewers, and editors involved in the publication process, ensuring the integrity, credibility, and reliability of the research disseminated through the journal.

Core Values

Research Journal adheres to the following core values:

  • Originality and Authorship: Work submitted must be original and contributions credited appropriately. Plagiarism and ghost authorship are strictly prohibited.
  • Objectivity and Transparency: Research findings should be presented accurately and objectively, free from bias or personal agendas. Transparency in methodology and data analysis is crucial.
  • Ethical Research Practices: Research involving human or animal subjects must comply with relevant ethical guidelines and regulations. Informed consent and animal welfare must be ensured.
  • Data Integrity and Accountability: Data should be accurate, reliable, and accessible upon reasonable request. Authors are responsible for data integrity and proper record-keeping.
  • Conflict of Interest Disclosure: Authors, reviewers, and editors must disclose any potential conflicts of interest that could influence their judgment or actions.
  • Fairness and Professionalism: All parties involved in the publication process should be treated with respect and courtesy, and conduct themselves with integrity and professionalism.



  • Authors must ensure the originality of their work and appropriately credit all contributors.
  • Research involving human or animal subjects must be conducted ethically and in accordance with relevant guidelines and regulations.
  • Data and methods must be described accurately and transparently.
  • Authors should be prepared to provide raw data upon reasonable request.
  • Conflicts of interest must be disclosed.
  • Authors should cooperate with the editorial process and address reviewers' comments constructively.


  • Reviewers should provide constructive and objective feedback, focusing on the scientific merit and ethical considerations of the manuscript.
  • Reviews should be conducted confidentially and free from bias or personal agendas.
  • Reviewers should disclose any potential conflicts of interest that could influence their assessment.
  • Reviewers should maintain the confidentiality of the submitted manuscript.


  • Editors are responsible for upholding the journal's ethical standards and ensuring the quality of published content.
  • Editors should make fair and impartial decisions on manuscript submissions based on scientific merit and ethical considerations.
  • Editors should manage conflicts of interest appropriately.
  • Editors should foster a fair and professional review process.
  • Editors should be prompt in addressing complaints and allegations of misconduct.